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Mechanical Parking Systems

Design and Construction Agency «Zhilstroy» LLC group includes «Parking Systems»
 «Parking Systems» LLC is the company for design and assembling of Mechanical Parking Systems

Economic development results in constant growing number of cars in our country. Nowadays the transport infrastructure cannot handle the increasing amount of vehicles. Constant traffic congestion and shortage of parking places are evident results of this situation. The world practice proposes solution in form of mechanical parking systems that allows a prudent use of built-up area and enhances the effectiveness of space utilization due to density of cars in the parking zone. Our parking systems resolve a huge number of problems. For instance, using these systems we can provide for 40 parking lots within the territory of 50 m2. Mechanical parking is widely used in apartment block constructions, hypermarkets, office complexes, hotels, enterprises that have to deal with large-scale automobile parking. Great advantage of these systems consists in the possibility of their complete automation which entirely excludes the human factor. You can be sure about your car leaving it the parking of a hypermarket or business centre. Since all the manipulations are performed by machines, nobody can steal, scrap or rob your automobile. The Parking Systems company provides the services of supply, assembly, individual design of parking systems, as well as design and construction of all-in-one parking blocks and parking spaces and their equipment.

Semiautomatic parking system

Automatic parking system

Tower-type parking system