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Apartment building in Butlerova street

Butlerova street (to the south of the Vernost prospect) , Saint-Petersburg

Engineering and economical performance:

  • Total floor area - 59,477 sq.m.
  • Number of apartments 1034 apartments
  • Number of parking lots -584 lots

This project is represented by an apartment building complex with non-residential extensions and adjacent parking garages. It is situated in the Kalininsky district of Saint-Petersburg in the north-west part of the 19th block along Grazhdansky avenue. The territory meets Butlerova street from the north-west, Vernosty street from the north-east, green part of the sport and recreational territory of the special Olympic reserve school for children and youth «Smena». The south-west border of the complex meets a green open territory, where the next sites, stages II and III, are to be built in the future together with a sport centre and another apartment building according to the design plan. The southern part of the complex borders with the Sport games house of «Zenith» association. Public transport is represented by the underground station «Academicheskaya» not far from the block. According to the architectural and development solution, the area is divided into two functional zones: access and recreational zone (from Butlerova and Vernosty streets) and the yard territory including the terrace, that goes as far as the centre of the complex, underground parking, available only from the street side. The facade windows of the buildings are turned toward the internal part of the complex, to the terrace and the green zone. Pedestrian traffic through the green territory is possible in all direction. The area is equipped with passages and sidewalks from each entrance, as well as parking, bulk waste collection area and special service area. In order to improve the ecological situation of the district, it is presumed that the waste is collected every hour. The inner space of the residential complex integrates a pedestrian area and landscape architectural solutions, including spaces for quiet and active rest, children's playground and recreational area for adults’ sports and relaxation. Park zone and sporting area are at short walk distance to the residential block with additional playgrounds and special places for recreational activities. Because the main part of the complex terrirory is located over the roofing of the underground parking, high trees and bushes planting is not possible but on the block perimeter and in the centre, at the lowest level of the terraces. Such a lack of high trees is compensated by the short distance from the Piskarevsky park. Improvement and public services of the residential block comprises recreational pedestrian walks, outdoor amenities such as lights, benches, sculptures, cans. Internal green terraces of the complex are centred so that to create an impression of natural crater, surrounded by particular hills of the buildings. The modern architectural stone-glass building are standing along the green prominent hills. The lowest level of the terraces allows to preserve some old trees, an it is presupposed to enlarge the green area by placing more trees right near the recreational bank zone during the construction stage II. The plants that are out of the building area will be preserved, whereas the other trees of valuable breeds will be transplanted to the other parts of the landscaped territory. The improvement design of the residential block area provides for recreational walking roads, functional architectural elements such as lights, benches, sculptures, cans. One of the most prominent characteristics of the design is the surface texture variety: flat concrete, neat green grass, textured surface of gravel all together are intended to create diversity and enliven perception. Areas for quiet and active rest, including children’s playgrounds and recreational area for adults’ sports and relaxation supplement each other in the space of the inner yard terraces. The relaxation areas for adults are isolated wherever possible by green space and outdoors amenities. The green inner yard space (the flat zone) is designed as a parterre with emphatically high trees and bushes placed in separate groups and not obstructing the panoramic sight. The upper terrace (the roof of the parking) opens a wonderful view to the pound..

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