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About the Agency

Design and Construction Agency «Zhilstroy», LLC is a stably developing company operating in the market of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region since 2002. In the recent past, a number of new sophisticated constructions have been implemented, the best part of which is located in the historical centre of Saint-Petersburg. An invaluable experience is gained in the field of renovation and modernization; long-term mutually beneficial relations are established with construction business partners. A group of company, our most valuable asset is a team of professional associates. Taken together, all this allows us to face the future with confidence and aim for new goals.

The company activity is tentatively divided into four basic lines:

1. Construction Management

Project management since the business idea, planning, organization, implementation, control over all the design stages, construction and commissioning. Obtaining all necessary approvals. Technical supervision of construction.

2. General design

Design of civilian and industrial projects with obtaining of all the necessary approvals and permits (on the part of the designer). Complex reconstruction. Vast experience of the design team specialists in the application of construction novelties (several solutions are patented). Construction design supervision.

3. General contract

Design and Construction Agency «Zhilstroy», LLC as a general contractor performs the following functions.

  1. Organization of the full range of construction works at the site according to the approved design documentation and execution of the works with or without subconstucting.
  2. Conclusion of contracts with subcontractors for supply of equipment and construction materials and subsequent quality control.
  3. Development of and control over the total construction schedule.
  4. Compilation and optimization of the payment schedule for construction works and repairs.
  5. Control over compliance with the work methods at the construction site.
  6. Provision of the construction site with materials and equipment.
  7. Construction supervision at various stages of building.
  8. Ensuring occupational safety, environmental protection and compliance with fire safety regulations. 
  9. Commissioning of the completed project to the operating organization under the appropriate procedure for further exploitation.
  10. Commissioning of the «turnkey» completed project to the acceptance committee.

4. Monolithic works. Structural works («BFA-Monolith»)

The complex of monolithic and structural works is implemented by own resources and equipment, construction aids, formworks and scaffolding by German company PERI. Design and Construction Agency «Zhilstroy», LLC team is formed by professionals with solid experience in modern design and construction management. We created working community groups in collaboration with our partners so that to adapt and apply all necessary practices and know-how in building and construction, including highly specialized areas.

Each active project has special value for our company, regardless of its price or volume. Some of our partners «grew up» together with us.

The key points of out activity, aiming for guaranteed high results and good quality of services provided, are: responsibility in performance of obligations undertaken; flexible approach to each project; the most comprehensive service offer; «fair play» principle in partnership; guaranteed business arrangements implementation; employ of job-proved human and technical resources, rejection of here-and-now profit principle.